Supporting Young People

EMNGPS supports all young people in the East Midlands to recognise and value global perspectives and to develop the understanding, skills and values that enable young people to be active global citizens. Midlands security EMNGPS is a strategic regional network which:

encourages cross-sector collaboration contributes to the national debate about the development of global dimension policy supports innovative global dimension activity in schools shares lear...more

Young People and the Riots

In the recent years, unemployment among many other reasons has been blamed for causing, are young people to be dis enfranchised in our community. Recently the London riots has made it a priority to look at why our youth seem to be so different in their actions and in there attitudes to how the adult community behaved when they were that age.

Community leaders have looked at the education systems, the social system, factors such as the closure of Libraries which were more than a place that was used to not just to resource books, but also to meet with friends, nowadays research is done on the interenet where there is no quiet please sign, where any infringement of this law, immediately impact the entire environment. The advent of the internet has in many ways improved the speed of information but in some ways cause young people to lose the social aspect that is needed to aide development.

Instead of blaming the parents, and yes they are partly the reasons why some communities need to employ residential security guards as the police force can do nothing to drive down the effect that sadly young people are having on the community. Politcal leaders also look at youth clubs closing down, another environment which was safe for young people of a variety of ages to com...more